Biggest Misunderstanding About Insurance

When it comes to insurance there are a many misconceptions which some members of the general public believe. This is true of just about any business you can name. These range from rumors that you might have to pay more for car insurance if your vehicle is a certain color, car insurance is cheaper when you turn 25, to the notion that if you get in a traffic accident with another person and simply don't report it that your premiums won't go up. Beliefs like these can be very damaging, and it is very important that everyone become as educated as possible about things as significant as insurance to avoid the terrible consequences being misinformed can bring. But one commonly believed misconception cannot be shaken by research or clarification from an insurance expert: the misconception of immortality.

Okay, the majority of us don't actually believe that we'll go on forever, at least not on this Earthly plane, and those of us who do are generally confined to mental hospitals, but there are a great many people who believe that they don't need insurance because nothing is wrong. Their house hasn't burned down, their car hasn't been totaled and they haven't contracted a horrible disease, and once things have been going suitably well for a decent amount of time many feel that they will stay in their rut of adequacy forever. I myself know several people who leave their doors unlocked constantly, even when they are not home. Their rationale: "I've never been robbed", meaning that because they haven't been burglarized yet they believe that they never will be. This saves them the hassle of having to find their keys, but does nothing to help them when they return home to find that they now need to purchase new computers because theirs have been pilfered.

What some people seem to forget is that insurance is not meant to be used solely has a combative force against current problems. It is meant to protect against future problems. Every day that goes by without a hitch is another lucky day, and no one knows when, or if, their luck will run out. Even the most responsible person in the world should have auto insurance. Even the healthiest person in the world should have life insurance. You never know what the future holds, and assuming that you do is just setting yourself up for problems, perhaps major ones, later down the road. So regardless of your driving record or your health, get insurance no matter what. When that problem does rear its head, you'll be thanking yourself.

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