It's gonna be a HOT ONE!

Everyone knows that in Texas, it gets super hot in the summer. And it can be really uncomfortable if your A/C isn't working right. TRUE STORY: When I went into labor in September 2010, the hospital sent me home because I wasn't dialated enough. I got home to a hot house. Picture labor contractions, super big belly, and the heat of September... oh man that A/C guy couldn't get there fast enough! Turns out it was a small rusted spring thing or something. Any who, he was my hero that day! His name is Eric Borkowski, and he does a ton of A/C work in our area! And he's your average guy, licensed and insured, but someone you can relate to! Not someone who's going to tack on fees for every little thing, etc... So give him a call @ 936-524-4108 and tell him you were referred by Leslie!
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