Saved $100 a month on car insurance!

I got a referral from a friend over the weekend, quoted his auto insurance, and ended up saving him about $100 a month! It's a 23 year old, a minor accident on his record, a new truck that needs full coverage. A lot of major companies can be very expensive! Allstate, State Farm, Farmers, all quoted him $400 a month or more. I got him a rate for $224 a month! Being an independent agent allows my customers flexibility, over a dozen rates to compare, and the option to get a price comparison at renewal without ever having to call another agency! I can insure just about anything. So if you have doubts about what you're paying for insurance, take the time to send your info over. I'll give you the confidence that you truly are getting a good deal, whether you get a policy at my agency or not. Peace, love, and Happy Monday!
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