Winterizing your Home

Winter is upon us, bringing some freezing temperatures with it. And in Texas, you never know if it's going to be 80 degrees one week or dip into the 30's the next week! Frozen water pipes can be the source of a lot of damage to your home and frustration with your insurance company.

Water damage is among the most common causes of homeowners' insurance claims. There is a lot of confusion concerning water coverage. You need a separate policy for Flood Coverage, but if the flood comes from inside the home, the result of a burst pipe, it will likely be covered by your insurance.

Generally water damage from a pipe that burst inside your home will be covered by most standard homeowners' insurance policies. If an outside pipe bursts and causes damage that should be covered also, with proof that the damage was caused by the burst pipe. If the insurer concludes poor drainage (which is a maintenance issue that is not covered) was the real reason for water damage, your claim may be denied!!!

The damage caused when frozen pipes burst may only be covered when you can prove you took the necessary precautions to prevent the pipes from freezing. A busy holiday season coming up, going out of town? Think you could save some $$$ by turning off the heat while you're gone? It could actually cost you money! If your heater was off while your home was unoccupied or you neglected to insulate exposed pipes, the insurance company can cite your negligence as the reason for denying your claim. There may be instances where your insurer covers the water damage and not the pipe itself. Insurance doesn't cover normal wear and tear on a home; homeowners are responsible for keeping up with maintenance. If a pipe burst because of age and corrosion or because it was attached to an appliance that malfunctioned, that could be considered normal wear and tear.

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